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Hi, I'm Zhanae,
your Aesthetic Practitioner.

I'm also the owner of Smize & Glow.

I love everything to do with the skin and spend a lot of time reading articles so I can educate the S&G members.

But to answer your question: What is Smize & Glow?

Smize & Glow is the place to go when you are at your wits end with your skin and need guidance on how to manage it. This is isn't you coming for a facial and going home still not having a clue what to do with your skin, this is you coming, eliminating certain things that may be triggering your skin condition, being educated on products and ingredients with a tailored skincare routine, then having the best facials for your skin type and condition. It really is about teamwork around here because I believe teamwork makes the skin work! 

Expect scientifically backed knowledge, expect honesty, expect realistic targets but above all expect to see results and healthy skin! 

If you are ready to GLOW start off by meeting me through a skin consultation and we will take it from there!

See you soon!

Zhanae x