Celluma LED Light Therapy

Celluma uses NASA-researched and clinically proven low level light energy for the treatment of skin concerns. It causes photobiochemical reactions that improve the cellular health resulting in repair and replenishment of skin cells which enhances the skins appearance.

Celluma LED Light Therapy - £40

LED Light Therapy has  2 different settings that provide different benefits to the skin.


Blue Light - penetrates the epidermis and is great for killing acne causing bacteria. It also reduces redness and provides calming benefits for the skin.


Red Light - goes into the dermis to stimulate fibroblast activity which leads to the production of collagen. This helps to improve both the tone and texture of the skin.

Hydro-Enzyme + Celluma LED Light Therapy - £55

Using NASA researched Anti-Ageing Red Light Therapy, this facial is combined with enzymes and a hyaluronic acid hydrojelly mask to pump hydration back into your skin, brighten your skin complexion and promote health skin! It exfoliates, brightens, evens and leaves the skin feeling super smooth!


Energise your skin

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