Chemical Peels are great because they can target a number of concerns, such as pigmentation, ageing skin or skin texture. Over a course they can provide you with great results when working along side a strong skincare routine. Prior to having a peel, a skin consultation is needed. Use the button below to get started.

Chemical Peel Consultation - £35

Prior to having a TKN Chemical Peel it is essential that you have a consultation and patch test to discuss the process and your suitability. The treatment cannot be carried out without it. The price of the consultation will come off the price of the peel/package deal. 

During the consultation, we will pinpoint what may be triggering your skin condition, whether your lifestyle is impacting it and how we will work together to address it. A mini refreshing facial will also take place as well as the patch test in which you will monitor for one week after the peel.

You will then leave, with the recommended skincare routine and prep your skin before returning for your first peel session. 

TKN Chemical Peel - £70

Available are superficial peels that have the ability to target a number of conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and fine line and wrinkles. Chemical peels work by exfoliating the most outer layer of the skin, causing cell renewal, inducing collagen synthesis and revealing healthier skin.

Prior to booking this appointment please book a consultation as a patch test and a check for suitability is required.

A course of at least 3-6 is required which will be discussed at your consultation.

TKN Duo Lite Peel - £58

The TKN Duo Lite Peel is a ‘lunch time peel’ that  comes with no downtime and does not require a patch test! Unlike our other peels, although it doesn’t travel the same depth through the skin, it still offers skin rejuvenating benefits and has the ability to reduce acne, blemishes, aged skin and improves the overall appearance of the skin.


This can be done as a standalone or would be ideal as a prep peel before having TKN Chemical Peels.


As mentioned, there is absolutely no downtime, and you can have this on your lunch break in between work

TKN Chemical Peel + LED Light Therapy - £90

After causing exfoliation through peels which remove the dead skin cells and triggering controlled trauma to the skin, combining it with LED will enhance the benefits of the peel. Both go well to target different aspects of ageing skin such as fine lines and wrinkles, dullness and hyperpigmentation as well as working on acne.


A consultation and patch test are required before you request to book this treatment. Please choose that option first.


A course of treatments is needed to see the best results which will be discussed at consultation.

Dermapeel - £120

The facial that targets hyperpigmentation by combining Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels and LED Light Therapy. The Dermaplaning removes the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz so that the chemical peel and penetrate the skin to target the pigmented areas. The peel will block/reduce the chemical reaction that causes hyperpigmentation. The Red LED Light Therapy will energise the skin cells so that they function properly and produce new healthy skin cells.

*A course of treatments is needed to see the best results.

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