Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that gives near-instant results, leaving the skin looking healthier, smoother and brighter. It removes dead skin and vellus hair which allows better product absorption, prevents clogging of pores and also stimulates collagen synthesis by creating controlled trauma to the skin.

Dermaplaning - £45

Includes a facial massage to enhance circulation within the skin for improved health, removal of toxins and firming of facial muscles. After the dermaplaning, a hydrating sheet mask is applied, pumping hyaluronic acid into the skin add hydration to the skin and soothe after treatment. To finish, a serum, moisturiser and a SPF is applied.

Dermaplaning + LED Light Therapy - £65

Including all the modalities within the standard dermaplaning treatment, however, the Celluma LED Light therapy will be used to target deeper levels of the skin by influencing the skin cells to perform better. The BLUE LIGHT is great as an antibacterial to prevent acne, soothes the skin and reduces any redness and inflammation. The RED LIGHT is a great anti-ageing modality as it energises the skin cells so they function properly as well as stimulating wound healing and collagen synthesis.


Peach fuzz 
no more

Exfoliate your skin and remove peach fuzz by booking your dermaplane appointment