Facials for

Men need facials too, which is why we have formulated  facials to keep your skin healthy.

Maskuline - £50

Microdermabrasion works by removing dead skin on the stratum corneum, leaving a healthy layer of skin. It's then followed by a skin booster packed with epidermal grow factors and AHA's/BHA's to offer deep exfoliation and encourage the regeneration of healthy skin cells. Ice globes are also used to encourage lymphatic drainage, minimise the risk of inflammation and improve the blood circulation. Also included is high frequency, a mask, moisturiser and SPF for protection

Maskuline + Celluma LED Light Therapy - £70

A facial that combines a number of modalities that really energise and promote healthy skin cells. A combination of microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage and adding LED Light therapy to feed the mitochondria in the cells which allow them to function better and creates strong and firm skin.


Facials are for men too

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