A consent form is to be filled out before your appointment.

Please come alone to your appointment, we do not allow friends or children. Our beauty room is not child friendly and we will not be liable if anything was to happen to your guest. You will be refused treatment if you do not come alone. We only accept plus 1's if you require extra assistance for medical reasons.

Your booking will not be secured until a deposit of £15 has been received.

We aim to get back to all your messages within 24 hours and during business hours!


If you wish to make a booking this can be done via our “Services” page. If there is anything you wish to discuss before making your appointment then head over to our contact us page. 

A deposit of £15 is taken at confirmation of booking and can be done so using your card or via Paypal.

If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours then your deposit will not be refunded. You now have a  4 week window in which you can rebook with your deposit still going towards your new appointment, if you do not reschedule within this time frame then the deposit will be lost.

If you need to cancel please notify us ASAP!



A deposit of £15 is required in order to secure your booking. This will be take upon booking and can be done using your card details or Paypal. The deposit will not be refunded if you were to cancel your booking within 48 hours of your appointment or no show.

Payment for service:

Your full payment for service is to be paid immediately after your appointment. If you are paying with cash then please bring the correct amount. We also accept card. We do not accept bank transfer or Paypal as payment after the service.


Please arrive on time to your appointment! Not too early and please, do not be late! 

We have a 15 minute late grace period for your appointments.

 If you are up to 15 minute late it will mean less treatment time but full payment for the service is still required.

If you are over 15 minutes late then your appointment would need to be rescheduled or cancelled. If you wish to reschedule it must be done within 4 weeks for your deposit to still apply to your new appointment. If no booking is rescheduled within this time frame then it will result in you losing your deposit!

Please notify us ASAP if you are running late/ wish to cancel/ reschedule.

Should you wish to cancel within 48 hours of your appointment without rescheduling then you will lose your deposit.


Please check the treatment page to see what contradictions may affect the treatment.

For better results we encourage you to prep your skin for at least 14 days leading up to your appointment. To discuss the best way to prep, send us a message.

We advise that you come to the appointment with a fresh clean face so we can assess your skin. 

In order to see improvements to your skin we advise you create a routine at home as well as coming for regular treatments. If you would like help creating a skincare routine then we would suggest booking a consultation before any other treatment.

The following aftercare instructions should be followed to allow your skin to heal:

  • Avoid touching your face or applying makeup for up to 24 hours after your facial.

  • Use a minimum of SPF30 on your face daily.

  • Avoid having dermabrasion, chemical peels or any needling treatments for at least 2 weeks after your appointment.

  • Avoid any exercise or heat treatments for 24 hours after your appointment.

  • No waxing, hair removal or bleaching for up to 3 days.

  • Avoid any heat, UV, self-tanning or sunbed exposure for 24 hours after your facial.

  • Do not exfoliate for up to 3 days after your booking.

The therapist will discuss an aftercare plan tailored to you at your appointment.


Before your lash appointment we advise that you do not have any makeup on ESPECIALLY mascara. Mascara is difficult to remove and although we provide a lash bath within your appointment it still won't be enough to fully remove the traces. Mascara on the lashes could potentially affect the retention of your lash extensions. If the therapist has assessed the condition of your natural lashes and has noticed a build up of dirt/makeup/mascara then it is our right to inform you of the complications that may occur and what could happen as a result. This is so you are fully aware and accept any responsibility should your extensions experience poor retention due to being unclean.

If you wear strip/cluster lashes we advise that you remove them CAREFULLY and have a break of 1-2 weeks before you lash appointment. Sometimes strips/clusters can leave your natural lashes damaged which could affect the finished result once you have individuals. Should your lashes be damaged it's best to have a minimum 2 weeks break and use a lash serum to promote growth so that when it comes to having individual lashes they can be fuller.

Our therapist can only work with what is presented to them. Not every set of extensions will be the same as another client, every set is tailored to you. If your lashes are sparse, short or damaged then the therapist will advice you on what weight and length is suitable for you or whether the treatment will need to be rescheduled until your lashes are healthy. Having lash extensions too long/heavy could potentially affect retention and even cause damage. Work with your therapist to achieve the best look for you which is both health and fabulash! 

After your lash appointment your therapist will go through aftercare that is suitable to you. Your lashes are to be cleaned minimum 4 times a week using a lash shampoo and lash cleansing brush (which can be purchased off eBay or Amazon). You will be provided with a lash brush after your appointment in which you will need to brush your lashes with every day. 

Avoid picking and pulling your lashes, rubbing them and avoid sleeping on your face. Do NOT wear mascara or use a curler on your extensions. Be careful when applying makeup and be careful with oil based products. Check the ingredients on your makeup remover to ensure it doesn't contain any oils. Oils could affect the lash glue.

Avoid sauna's, steam rooms, try not to expose your lashes to heat and be careful when it comes to sporting activities such as gym or swimming. 

You lose 2-5 lashes a day due to natural lash shed so don't freak out if you notice an extension fall the day after your appointment! If you were to lose majority of your extensions within the first 3 days of your appointment then contact us immediately so we can arrange a free refix within 7 days of notifying us. If you notify us after the first 3 days then it will be considered as an infill.

Please be honest with your therapist about what could have caused severe lash loss as it's obvious when it has been lost due aftercare error. 

Work with your therapist so you can have longer lasting extensions. Infills are advised within 2-3 weeks.

Infills are booked based on time. Please view the infills treatment page for further details. We will not work over the requested fill time so assess your lashes and book accordingly!

Should in the unfortunate event you suffer an allergic reaction seek medical advice immediately. With Doctors approval contact us so we can do a free removal.


Get 15% off any booking when it's your birthday.

This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

You must provide us with proof in order for the discount to be valid.


Refer 5 friends to get a free appointment from us.

All of the 5 friends that you refer must have completed their booking in order for you to qualify for the free appointment.

This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


To make your experience with us a little more comfortable for yourself and the therapist please always be polite and respectful. We have the right to cancel your appointment should we feel threatened or ill-treated. Let's make it a chilled environment for everyone!


Deposits are non-refundable if your appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of your booking. Your deposit is transferable to another appointment should you reschedule within 14 days.

An allergy is the body's immune system overreacting to a harmless substance, which is out of our control so we will not refund should this occur.

We do not issue refunds for any treatments.


You can now purchase e-Gift Cards using our Glow Gift page. There is a minimum charge of £10 - £200 for each card. There is no expiry date. The Glow Gift can be used with any discount and offer. Can only be used with appointments at current, will be updating to use with the shop products very soon.


We have made some adjustments regarding COVID-19. Please head over to our COVID-19 Policy page to have a read.


Should you have any feedback about our policies or our services, we'd be happy to hear them! Send us a message via our contact page.


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