28 Years of Sun Damage

This is an image (that was taken in 2012) of a 69 year old truck driver who had accumulated years worth of sun damage.

As you can see, the photodamage is on one side of his face, and this was the side that was exposed to the Suns UV rays from driving his truck on a daily basis, for 28 years, without any protection.

As a result, and after physical examination, there were signs of hyperkeratosis, accentuated ridging, open comedones and nodular elastosis - which are cysts under the skin as a result of sun damage.

Elastolysis had also occurred which is a histopathological entity defined by wrinkles and a decrease in dermal elastic fibres. Milia had also formed in the hair follicles.

The report from The New England Journal of Medicine stated that the analysis was homogenous with the Favre-Racocuchot Syndrome of photodamaged skin, known as dermatoheliosis.

The Suns UVA rays were able to penetrate through the glass of the truck, into the epidermis and upper layer of the dermis, resulting in thickening of the epidermis and stratum corneum, as well as destruction of elastic fibres.

He was recommended topical retinoids and sun protection as a part of his skincare routine, as well as monitoring for any skin cancers.

Moral of the story - wear SPF because no one is safe!

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine.

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