Get your GLOW on!

Although the summer weather is currently a bit unpredictable, that doesn't mean you can't get your glow on! Several reports have stated that British women/womxn are wearing makeup less and investing in healthy skin more, so here are two facials that I recommend that will give you a natural and healthy glow!

The Illuminating Facial

The Illuminating Facial combines dermaplaning, enzymes and a hydrojelly mask to break down the top layer of dead skin through deep exfoliation as well as instantly brightening the the skins complexion. Dermaplaning uses a medical grade blade to remove the top layer of dead skin and the enzymes will soften and break down the dead skin cells further. The hydrojelly mask not only pumps hydration into the skin, but it has tyrosinase inhibiting properties which target hyperpigmentation by preventing the overproduction of melanin. This facial utilises a number of active ingredients to promote skin health, giving you a radiant, illuminous, glow.

The Smize & Glow Facial

The Smize & Glow Facial has been improved and updated to a 10-step facial including a relaxing face and neck massage. By removing impurities from the skin, it allows better product absorption of active ingredients. A facial massage is included during the treatment which boosts circulation, delivering the needed nutrients to the surface layer of the skin. Steam, ultrasonic peel and extractions allow decongestion of the pores which also reduces their size. The skin cells are then energised to promote skin healthy through the use of LED Light Therapy which is paired with a hydrojelly mask to enhance the benefits. This leaves the skin moisturised, refreshed and glowing. With every first facial with me you get a free tailored skincare routine, so that summertime healthy glow can be maintained at home! If you have any questions feel free to get in contact!

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