Protect your skin from your phone!

The focus when protecting your skin commonly tends to be from environmental damage and UV radiation from the Sun but there is another enemy we need protection from:


Unlike the suns UVA and UVB which is invisible, HEV is the light on the spectrum that is visible to the human eye. It is emitted from not only the Sun but common devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets and TV's

with wavelengths ranging from 380nm to 500nm on the spectrum.

What does it do?

Unlike UVA and UVB that goes when the Sun goes down, HEV remains present and as mentioned above, is emitted from your devices.

Whereas the suns UV rays can cause sun burns and cellular damage, HEV isn't far behind with the level of damage it induces as it causes early cell death, and dead skin cells which is what leads to ageing skin. There has also been links to hyperpigmentation.

It also penetrates the skin deeper than UVA and UVB, which makes it even more of a problem!

How do I protect myself from HEV?

As always SUNSCREEN! There are SPF's that also have HEV protection so look out for that. Another form of protection is packing your skincare routine with antioxidants!

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