When life gives you lemons, don't use them on your face!

When you take your first steps into the skincare world, naturally you will find yourself on blog sites looking up the best things to use on your skin. You will then most likely stumble across a blog that is 'anti' everything 'chemical' in skincare and encourages you to take the natural route and muster up a remedy from things in your fruit bowl, such as lemons.

Stop. Don't do it!

Now, there's no debate that lemon can provide benefits to your health and skin but it's best to be consumed orally rather than topically. I do not advice that you take a lemon from your fruit bowl to make an "at-home face mask" and here's why..

As I said there are benefits to using lemon on the skin such as acting as an astringent and anti-bacterial for the treatment of acne as well acting as an antioxidant which is down to it containing Ascorbic Acid that is a form of Vitamin C. This also helps reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and lemon juice is also said to stimulate collagen production - but this is when it is used in products with the CORRECT formulation, not from your kitchen.

Products that contain lemon extract will have been diluted to prevent causing any sensitivity or burns to the skin.

So let's discuss the negatives...

Citrus substances can trigger an allergic reaction when exposed to UV rays so exposing raw lemon juice on the skin to sunlight can cause Phytophotodermatitis which is an inflammatory response that in extreme cases leads to swelling, irritation or blistering of the skin.

While many may believe lemon juice can be used to treat hyperpigmentation it can also induce Chemical Leukoderma which is also known as vitiligo where hypopigmented patches of the skin occur resulting in an uneven tone.

Personally, I don't recommend using lemon in your routine due to it being extremely acidic. There are products on the market that can provide the same benefits and that are also safe to use on the skin.

Always do your research when finding home remedies because some natural ingredients can be harmful to the skin!

If you are looking for help on what to include in your skincare routine, although I'm currently on lockdown, I am still offering help through Cyber Consultations. To book yours visit visit the 'Services' page.

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