The S&G Experience

The S&G experience is really a journey of building the healthy skin you desire to improve your skin concerns through the 4 following steps. 


The Consultation

For you skin to be thoroughly evaluated and to create the best solutions to treat your skin, beginning your journey with a skin consultation is extremely important. This will allow you to understand and move on to the next stage of the experience which is The Prep.

Woman Applying Eye Cream

The Prep

To boost results for your facial and to get you into the habit of maintaining a skincare routine, you will be provided with a prep routine after your initial consultation. This will build skin health and resilience, kickstarting your glow before your treatment.

Woman Applying Eye Cream

The Appointment

After understanding exactly what your skin needs, the procedure will be tailored, using products that will target your skin concerns. Your appointment will be relaxing and filled with knowledge.The aim of each treatment is to address your main skin concerns.


Your Prep-Treatment will now be adjusted and your official skincare routine will be a lot more targeting to boost the results of each facial, ensure the skins cell turnover is working as it should and your skin concerns are being addressed.

Applying Facial Cream